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NicHit – 15MG (Nic Shot)


Available in a variety of sizes, NicHit is pure and unflavoured to make it one of the most versatile E-Liquids on the market. With its high VG to PG ratio, NicHit provides a smooth hit of nicotine without the dry throat associated with high PG E-Liquids. However, if you are looking for the powerful ‘throat hit’ of a high PG mixture, simply blend NicHit with a PG rich flavoured E-Liquid to get the blends that’s right for you.

We recommend that you blend NicHit with low-nicotine or nicotine-free E-Liquids – as Zer0 MG’s range of tasty, but nicotine free E-Liquids – to maximise flavour and satisfaction.

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